Thank you for the memories
We'd like to announce that the Trove team is joining Nextdoor. Following careful consideration, we have made the decision to close the Trove operation and transition accounts to our trusted partners. Don't fret, all your items are safe and sound. Please log in or call us to update your account.
Frequently Asked Questions
What's going to happen to Trove?
The Trove team is joining Nextdoor. We are closing down down the Trove operation including all moving, storage, and customer support functions. We're offering our customers the option to transfer their accounts to our trusted full-service storage partners or to move out of storage with no early termination charge.
What are my options?
All your items will remain in storage with our full-service storage partners. If you prefer to schedule a return of your items, please email us. Due to a high volume of requests, please note that availability for returns may be limited. Please read through our latest email for more details on these options.
Where are my belongings right now?
Your items are currently stored with the moving partner outlined in the email update we sent to our customers. Your items do not need to be moved anywhere if you want to continue storing. We will simply transfer your account to that partner.
If I choose to keep my items in storage with your partner, what will change?
If you transition your account to our partner, your storage experience and labor quality will remain largely the same. However, you will no longer be able to access the Trove digital inventory, request partial returns, or be covered under the Trove Satisfaction Guarantee.
Who will be my main point of contact if I choose to keep the items in storage?
Once your account is transferred, your main point of contact will be directly with the storage partner in which your items are currently stored.
How can I schedule a return of my items?
If you prefer to close your Trove account and schedule a pickup or delivery of your items, we're happy to help as well. Please email us with three dates that work between February 21 - March 8, 2019 (note we are closed on Sundays) as well as your delivery location (for returns). Note that availability may be limited and our team will follow up once we confirm a date and time window for your return.
If I choose to have my items returned after transferring my account, how much will it cost?
Return labor costs will depend on the specific partner you are stored with. Typically return labor is billed hourly starting from the time the movers begin loading the truck at the warehouse until they finish unloading at your home.
Can I schedule a return for a date after March 8th, 2019?
Trove will handle returns scheduled through March 8th. Returns that take place after March 8th may need to be coordinated directly through your applicable storage partner. We highly recommend booking a date as soon as possible as availability is limited.
What will happen to my online inventory?
You will receive a copy of your digital inventory for your records, but once your account is transferred, you will no longer be able to access/retrieve items via your online Trove inventory.
Will I still be able to access my items if I choose to keep them in storage?
Yes, you will still be able to access your items by reaching out directly to our storage partner and coordinating an access visit.
Will I still be able to add items to my inventory?
Yes, you will still have the option to add items to your inventory by directly reaching out to our storage partner. Pickup labor and additional storage costs will depend on the specific partner you are stored with.
How will my storage pricing change?
You will be receiving an email detailing your new monthly rate. We have worked closely with our partners to lower storage rates for most of our customers (unfortunately not for every customer) to make this transition as smooth as possible.
How will my payment method/billing cycle change?
Once you confirm you will transition to our partner, they will reach out to confirm payment and billing cycle details.
Am I still responsible for the remaining months on my customer agreement?
You will no longer be responsible for fulfilling the minimum term commitment listed on the customer agreement. If you choose to transfer your account to our storage partner, it will be on a month-to-month contract.
When is the deadline for me to make my decision?
Action is required by Monday, March 4th, 2019. All outstanding accounts that haven't taken action as of March 4th will be transitioned to our storage partners and we will provide you with their contact information.
When is the deadline for me to move my things out?
The last day to have your items returned by Trove is March 8th, 2019. Move-outs that take place after March 8th will need to be coordinated directly with the applicable storage partner. If you choose to have your items returned, we recommend booking a date as soon as possible as availability is limited.